The Elder team serves as representatives of the church and prayerfully determine the vision of Aviator Church. Together, the Senior Pastor and Elders comprise our Elder Team. This plurality of carefully vetted leaders ensures healthy checks and balances. The Elder Team is charged with the responsibility to see that our common mission is pursued and that ministry is carried out in a wise, God-honoring way.


Aviator Church is blessed with an amazing staff! Our staff members are empowered to build teams and carry out ministry.

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The Ministry Leadership Team works together to set priorities and make decisions that are aligned with our mission, vision, and values. Their primary responsibility is to our church as a whole. Their secondary responsibility is to the departments they represent.


Tom Wise

Interim Director Vision
Jeremy Cisneros

Jeremy Cisneros

Director Next Gen
Ron’s profile

Ron McDowell

Director Next Steps
Darin Peterson

Darin Peterson

Director Communications
Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson

Director Expansion