We are gearing up to open our children's ministry following the CoronaVirus Pandemic. We want to do this as safely as possible and with input from our parents. Please fill out this survey so that we can best plan for our return!



In the meantime, we still want to come alongside you, the parents and equip you to teach the same material in the home. Below you will find material for each of our primary age groups: Nursery, Pre-School, and Elementary.


These resources will be updated each week, so feel free to take them, and use them to continue to teach your kids the truths of the gospel!

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Starting with babies, we care about the experience your kids have in church. It's never to early to start teaching your child about who God is!


A Ministry created to make a difference in the Next Generation to last a lifetime. Preschoolers will know God made them, God loves them, & Jesus wants to be their friend forever.

Striving to create a learning environment where every child can understand what it means to follow Jesus and grasp the power that God has given them to make a difference.