The mom-life: sweeping up unknown objects from the floor, finding action figures and rocks in the dryer, running kids from here to there, curbing attitudes, all while losing your train of thought.


Motherhood can feel overwhelming, thankless and lonely, but you are not alone.  Whatever your journey has been, we believe that motherhood is a divine calling, and there is purpose and joy to be had!  


We’re moms just like you, and we come together to encourage, learn, break bread, fellowship, discuss and pray.  Entrusted equips, inspires and connects moms who are seeking to grow their relationship with Jesus and each other.

You do not have to attend Aviator Church to attend Entrusted.

Our group meets once a month on Wednesday morning, with other fellowship opportunities.  Please use the link below to register. If you have questions or would like more information, please email EntrustedMoms@outlook.com or call/text Katelyn Gooch at 316-209-2686.

Spring 2022 Registration is open now - January 9, 2022.



Why are you called Entrusted?

As moms, we are entrusted with our children.  As Christians, we are entrusted with spreading the Good News.  See 2 Timothy 1:14 for more.


How much does it cost to join?

We ask that moms contribute dues if financially able. This fee covers childcare, supplies, speakers, and other costs. Cost for 2021-2022 is $50 per semester.  Please email if you have questions and scholarships are available.