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At Aviator we have a lot of different ministries but they all work together to help accomplish our mission which is to help people Love God and Love Others better. Below you will find information about all of our current ministries. If you have additional questions please contact us here

Connect Groups

The bible is clear that the church carries multiple functions. The first is to connect in corporate worship, the second is to connect in the lives of one another. Connect groups are designed to give you a community that you can do life with, be real with, and grow in your faith with. If you miss out on this, you miss out on what it means to be the church.

Women's Ministry

The women of Aviator are the backbone of the church! If you are looking for an awesome group of women to learn from and grow with then you should definitely check us out. We're in the process of developing our new Women's Group and you can get involved in Entrusted too!

Aviator Kids

Without question one of the most important things we do at Aviator is teaching our kids to understand the gospel! Pastor Niki and an awesome volunteer team work hard each week to make sure that happens. To learn more about what's going on in our kids ministry click the link below. 

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Student Ministry

A successful youth ministry is one that comes along side the family as a support in spiritual instruction. At Aviator, we aim to help parents instruct kids at a difficult age and in a challenging culture how to actually live out their faith. This is for kids grades 6-12. Connect with us to find out more!

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