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Serve derby

Serve Derby Announcements

Here are the announcements for Friday, August 13:

We have made it to the final day!!!!!!! You guys have been amazing and have made awesome impacts everywhere we have gone. Tomorrow we are going to try to do 3 things. They may be done early, they make take the day, but when those things are done we will break until the evening session. We don't want to start any projects that we can't finish before we leave. So the plans for tomorrow are as follows:

  • Morning: Everyone will begin the day at the ramp house. Let's plan on STARTING there at 9:00. You only need to come to the church if you have kids you need to drop off. If you don't know the address, message pastor Dave. We want to hit this early so the heat is manageable and we want to go fast. We are clearing out all the rest of the brush from the ditch in front of the house. After that, we are pretty well done with all of our projects there. We will have 2 trucks and 2 trailers. Wear your work gloves and let's crank that out!

  • Afternoon: When we leave the Ramp House, we will divide among two projects for military families. We are fixing a gate and parts of a fence for one family and installing a handrail on steps to a porch for another. Both jobs have been scouted out and should be relatively quick. After these jobs are done, we will break until our unique evening session.

  • Evening: For our last night, we would like to do something that may be a little weird for you, but I think will have a profound impact on all those willing to give it a chance. We are going to walk over to the neighborhood across the street from the church and prayer walk through the streets. There will be direction given before we start if this is the first one of these you have ever done. We will LEAVE THE CHURCH at 6:30, so please try to be there by 6:15. We will be done by 8:00pm at the latest. 

Truly, from the bottom of my heart I love you all! Thank you for taking a chance this week. I love the heart that this group has for helping people. Love God, Love Others!

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